Stephan Probst: Dessinateur. Explorateur. Entrepreneur.

This site contains a thick description of my works and experiences as a dessinateur parallel to my life as an agency entrepreneur, life explorer and family adventurer. You are welcome to enter and enjoy.

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Stories and other Publications

Expositions and Awards

  • 2016, International Comic-Salon Erlangen: "Nibelungen 06 - RHEINGOLD",  International Comic Seminar
  • 2014, International Comic-Salon Erlangen: "Nibelungen 04 - Into the MONSTER", International Comic Seminar
  • 2012, Köln, Exposition "Du bist der Grund für ein Einkommen"
  • 2012, Hannover, Paulus-Gemeinde: "The PAULUS-Project", exposition about the Apostel Paulus, with Ernst-Georg Richter 
  • 2012, International Comic-Salon Erlangen: "ACHTUNG baby",  International Comic Seminar
  • 2012: 1st place at myComics competition :"ACHTUNG baby“
  • 2012: 2nd place at myComics competition:"Zivis, FKK und Krankenschwestern"
  • 2011: 2nd place at myComics competition: "Helden, Weiber und Barbaren"
  • 2011: 3rd place at myComics competition: "Der kleine Comic-Killer und die Frauen"
  • 2010, Mailand: „Azzurri Art: la collezione d´arte ufficiale della nazionale di calcio italiano“
  • 2010, Mailand, "Alfa Romeo Art: The Official Alfa Romeo Art Edition"
  • 2010, Hannover: "Tusche, Tod und Teufel - Die Comic-Brigade auf dem Weg zur Weltherrschaft", Galerie Ludi Sereni, with the International Comic Brigade - David von Bassewitz, Ivo Kircheis, Gregor Körting, Marian Mamei, Andreas Wehrheim
  • 2009, Dresden: "International Comic-Brigade Dresden", at the Galerie Raskolnikow
  • 2008, International Comic-Salon Erlangen: "Der COMIC-Killer", Deutsch-Französisches Comic-Zeichner-Seminar
  • 2007, Historisches Museum Hannover: "Wilhelm Buschs Enkel - Comics made in Hannover", with H.-R. Wäscher, Vladimir Magdic, Wehrheim, Pottzblitz u.a., > Rezension des Comicneurotikers, showing „Helden, Weiber und Barbaren“
  • 2000, Frankfurt: Löwenhof Annual Exposition, winner of the award „Frankfurter Silberner Hoflöwe“ showing „Helden, Weiber und Barbaren“
  • 1993, Mezzo: Paintings
  • 1992, Galerie Feiter: Graphics, etchings, paintings, drawings
  • 1988, Odeon: Paintings
  • 1988, Medizinische Hochschule Hannover, with Lippold / Probst / Sack / Schweikl: Paintings
  • 1988, Rotkäppchen with Lippold / Probst / Sack / Schweikl: Paintings
  • 1987, Galerie Schloß Ricklingen: Etchings, drawings

Life. Work. Mission.

  • Born in Hanover, right in the pulsating heart of Europe
  • Studies of Economics at the Leibniz University of Hanover (Marketing, Design, Macroeconomics) and of Media and Communication Sciences at the Hanover University of Music, Drama  and Media
  • Learning of Fine Arts  and Techniques from Heiner Gewecke, Nigel Packham, Helene Jahnke, Peter Redeker and Wolfgang Sauer
  • 88 – 94: atelier corporation with Lippold, Sack and Schweikl. Various expositions with paintings, grahics, etchings, posters, cartoons, 1st grafitti action in Hanover (never revealed)
  • 88 – 94: media projects and events, "match Du MATCH", "Literaturführer", Hanover Media Cup, student revolt 87 and others
  • since 95: work in digital communications, member of management board of one of Germanys first, finest and bravest multimedia agencies: eskatoo
  • 95: 1st digital comic ever published in Germany: „Mett Mäx“ shown at the IFA ´95 in Berlin
  • since 02: DRIVE – Die Medienagentur – founder and managing director, together with Monika Probst, my super strong and beautiful wife,
  • 07 – 16: participations at the International Comic Seminar Erlangen
  • 07 – 10: member of the International Comic Brigade Dresden, with publications and expositions
  • 11 – 14: member of the artists collective Undergroundcomix, responsible for management, organisation, production, marketing, i.e. for starting up the journal project U-Comix
  • 06 – 16: DRIVE Comics: comic publications, ie U-Comix, undergroundcomix and others
  • Various activities and support for sports and social organisations

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Helden, Weiber und Barbaren

Voll Farbe. Hart krass.
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